digital meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
digital meaning in tamil is எண்களினால், எண்களில், எண்சமிக்ஜை, விரலுக்குரிய

digital meaning in tamil with example

digital tamil meaning and more example for digital will be given in tamil.
Audiovideo technologies and communication technologies are coming together 151 thanks to the unifying power of the infotronics and digital technology. Going digital The multiplex plans to equip all its theatres with digital projection systems during the year. Ittiams digital media technology will be featured in products from Leadtek Research Maxian and Ya Hsin. Mistral will also be present at the Las Vegas event where products featuring its Sunada or good sound technology for digital games multimedia and navigation will be launched. Apart from this the TVSASRI has also established facilities such as Digital Runoff Recorder and a Sediment Sampler for measuring runoff and soil loss. The institute has also established a Digital Runoff Recorder and a Sediment Sampler for measuring runoff and soil loss. Podcasting according to the Oxford dictionary is a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player. For Chennais blogging community it is only a natural step forward to join the podcast bandwagon. Tripathi inaugurated the Centre for Computational Engineering CEN and the Centre for Digital Earth CDE on the campus and distributed the Amrita Young Research Initiator Awards to the first batch of recipients. Preconvention tutorial A preconvention tutorial on Building digital libraries using Dspace will be held for the participants in the convention. The Dspace is a free software package on digitalization of the university and faculty libraries and creating individual digital publication profile of the faculty members with the facility to download their thesis and other information.