digest meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
digest meaning in tamil is சமித்தல்

digest meaning in tamil with example

digest tamil meaning and more example for digest will be given in tamil.
His political idealism might be too much for some people to digest and might even seem a little preachy but Rabbi does also have a lighter side to him. Unable to digest his evergrowing popularity across the State and finding him an obstacle in their excesses Congress leaders allegedly got Ravindra killed immediately after coming to power she said. He is not able to digest the significant contribution made by Amar Singh to the party the prominence he has got in national politics because of that and in such a situation he has played into the hands of certain vested interests. In a statement here on Wednesday the former MLA from Basavanabagewadi and the president of the partys district unit S.K. Bellubbi said the Congress is unable to digest the bitter fact that it has been thrown out of power. The fact that the district went unrepresented in the Ministry is hard to digest for the BJP leaders as they used to criticise the Congress for failing to get representation in the Ministry to the district in the previous regime. But is there the capacity to digest the power of assimilation present or not He answers the latter by stating that the conduct of all the other communities will have to be watched. The naxalites unable to digest this act have targeted a newly recruited home guard and his parents in Stambampalli village of Adavi Mutharam mandal recently and warned him of dire consequences if he continued in the post. They took exception to a warning issued to officials not to work for development pointing out that the TDP was not able to digest the fact that Hyderabad was emerging as industrial and IT capital and more MoU were being signed.