diffidence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
diffidence meaning in tamil is கோழைத்தனம்

diffidence meaning in tamil with example

diffidence tamil meaning and more example for diffidence will be given in tamil.
Kamath said diffidence amongst people of the community to use their language was only widening this gap. John Wrights revelations in his book including his diffidence about Sunil Gavaskars presence as a consultant has led to many former cricketers expressing their displeasure. The first is Eurocentrism which looks at globalisation largely along predictable global axes the second a certain arrogance induced by the countrys high growth rates and rising international profile and third diffidence in dealing with major questions of war and peace. It is not difficult to understand the diffidence with which the three countries are approaching their trilateral meetings given that they remain convinced that good relations with the United States remains at the core of their foreign policies. Taking confidence from their elders the youngsters no longer play with a diffidence easily mistaken for timidity.