difference meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
difference meaning in tamil is வேற்றுமைகள்

difference meaning in tamil with example

difference tamil meaning and more example for difference will be given in tamil.
Worship would become meaningless if there was no difference between those who came to church to pray and those who visited to get food. The new section has also made a significant difference to the life of those living in some of the rural areas like Najafgarh. The study shows that the difference between prices in Rythu Bazars and local markets ranges from 10 per cent to 19 per cent for all vegetables in the study. The consumers expressed disapproval over many things like inconvenient entrance high prices on Sundays and festivals availability of fewer varieties lack of quality vegetables during evening hours and not much difference between Rythu Bazar prices and local market rates. The win against England is a thing of the past now and since there is not much difference in pitches and other things in India and Pakistan there will be no home advantage said Inzamam. Taking this cue Mr.Veeramani said the State Government should appoint a committee of experts to study the difference among various streams of education and come out with a solution such as giving additional marks to students of certain streams. The presence of Darren Holder the coach from Australia has made little difference to the Maharashtra team. The question What is the difference between the action of a man of wisdom and that of a layman thus assumes importance in the spiritual tradition. Being in India will mean lesser difference two and a half hours and we can be back from Moscow and leave Delhi sufficiently early for Melbourne said Bobby George on Monday.