diet meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
diet meaning in tamil is பத்திய உணவு

diet meaning in tamil with example

diet tamil meaning and more example for diet will be given in tamil.
Zilla Parishad Deputy Chief Executive Officer Dayakar Reddy Assistant Director of Horticulture Madhusudan Reddy Lions Club president Lakshmi Reddy DIET Principal R. Though the zoo has reported success in taking care of elephants giraffes and gaur and has prepared a special formulation of liquid diet to enable the young ones to develop immunity the survival rate is reckoned to be bleak if the calf is not suckled by its mother. Gopi told The HolyIndia that basically the foundation would take care of all the expenditure related to her training coaching diet and exposure by way of international events. Turkish intellectuals who have grown on the staple diet of Kemal Attaturks hard secularism have accused him of playing footsie with religion. Aggarwal said that a diet of 100 gram of broccoli everyday could result in a significant reduction in H. Health camp Prakrithi Jeevana Kendra is organising treatment for asthma diabetes back pain neck pain knee pain obesity hypertension arthritis chronic constipation headache and hyperacidity by acupressure yoga diet and nutrition. Even small modifications in diet and exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes according to a study by the Diabetes Research Centre and MV Hospital for Diabetes Royapuram here. It even registered a higher risk reduction than the group that was on drugs and modifications of diet and exercise. They were all discharged as their health condition had become normal hospital authorities here said adding that they were given normal diet before being discharged.