die meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
die meaning in tamil is இற, சாவு

die meaning in tamil with example

die tamil meaning and more example for die will be given in tamil.
Correspondent Two die of suffocation TIRUPATI A couple died of suffocation in their house in the early hours of Sunday. Two die in mishap Nagercoil Two persons were killed in a road accident on Monday. Three million people a year die from the disease most sufferers contract it two or three times a year and whenever they do are so struck down that they can neither work nor tend to their families for several weeks at a time. And because it is men who control the budgets health services throughout Africa are still inadequate 151 even in Nigeria an oilrich country one in every 18 women is likely to die from pregnancyrelated causes. Barely did the applause die down when he secured the resignation of the elected members and nominated them to the body. The gates of Heaven are left open on this day and it is believed that people who die on Sankranthi will enter straight into the heavenly abode. Pamuks reported remark to the prominent German newspaper Die Welt that the military was a threat to democratisation in Turkey. How can they die in a stampede at Mina when it was their biggest dream to go there a relative asked. The Government should ensure that the case which has been haunting the country for two decades does not die a natural death. The fact that young people in different parts of the world are ready to die for a cause however illegitimate it may be shows there is something fundamentally wrong. The project was taken up with the objective of finding an effective drug or procedure to minimise bleeding during delivery since a large number of women die of uncontrolled bleeding at that time mostly in cases when children are given birth to at home.