dictatorship meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dictatorship meaning in tamil is சர்வாதிகாரம் யதேச்சதிகாரம்

dictatorship meaning in tamil with example

dictatorship tamil meaning and more example for dictatorship will be given in tamil.
I lived the dictatorship and have very bad memories of Pinochet I am afraid of the rightwing parties said Ricardo Yanez 46 a school teacher. Bachelet won in the second round runoff speaks to the Chilean determination born out of memories of the 17yearlong brutal dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet not to give Rightwing parties a comeback opportunity. Most of them have endured great hardship through the years of dictatorship in their countries some tortured some imprisoned others stifled. Speaking on State of the NationChallenges and Changes in Electoral Democracy here he said that in some countries dictatorship was developing owing to the unwillingness of leaders to give up power. While traditions of dictatorship resonate among Iraqis the U.S. and its proxies have to insist on such things as due process 151 if only to satisfy the folks back home. He then delved into the freedom movement and the evils of dictatorship in Viplavalokam and Pramadam a tragedy resulting from human error. The republic is not a dictatorship of rumours a dictatorship of slander a tiredlooking President said. Bhutto to give up her fight against military dictatorship and not take part in the next elections and to disguise its frustration the regime has resorted to yet another slander campaign the spokesperson said. But the timing could hardly have been more unfortunate as the bloody dictatorship of General Jorge Videla cast a huge shadow over a tournament plagued by controversy and at which the home country became the sixth to lift the trophy.