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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dialects meaning in tamil is வட்டார வழக்கு, கிளை மொழி

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Viswanathan VIT Chancellor said while 18 languages have been mentioned in the Constitution of India there were about 400 languages and dialects in use in the country. The different dialects of Tamil language have so many identities 151 social religious caste and regional. This conference is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of dialects through the historical linguistic anthropological and literary. R. Elangaiyan Central Institute for Indian Languages Mysore said a study of Tamil dialects was needed. He proposed a methodology for conducting a survey of modern Tamil dialects restricting its area of operation to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Role of variants He said regional variants of social dialects and the variant and special vocabulary of traditional and modern professional groups should also play a role in determining the dialect areas for modern Tamil. Perialwar former Professor and Head Tribal Research Centre Tamil University Thanjavur in his paper made a plea for the documentation of ancient Tamil dialects of Karnataka. Junior students presented the song Nithoythsava thayi nithyothsava... and the programme ended with a skit comprising various slangs used in different dialects across the State. The wanted to know why the Government has not been treating some of the dialects and their respective academies particularly Beary for which an academy is yet to be constituted on a par with Kannada. The Government feels that granting the demand for a separate academy would open a Pandoras box spurring demands from other dialects and languages.