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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dialect meaning in tamil is பிராந்திய பேச்சு முறை மொழி) நாட்டு மொழி

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Emphasising on the standardisation of the Konkani language Paul Moras called for resolving the controversies about script and dialect of Konkani amicably through dialogue and discussions. Where the rendering of proverbs and dialect forms is concerned the best way to translate is to rely on an already existing proverb which conveys a similar message. Jagathi as a subinspector of police captivates the audience by speaking the Thiruvananthapuram dialect of Malayalam popularised by Mamootty in Rajamanickyam. Geographically remote the citys peculiar dialect is not understood even by people from nearby towns. In times when the only dialect spoken and listened to is violence she has rekindled the hopes of those ordained shelterless. Innuendo impromptu digs and an informal dialect combine to produce a volatile cocktail to woo the voters in his campaign speeches across the State. Speaking on the occasion he called for regional news in local dialect as in Telangana region the dialect changes every 17 kilometers. Financial assistance Teachers should be trained to understand the dialect of various tribal communities. The humour is often forced and often leans too much on the use of Thiruvananthapuram dialect for eliciting laughs. Veerappa Moily former Chief Minister of Karnataka will release the dialect survey maps of the EzhavaTiyas published by the International School of Dravidian Linguistics. Chikungunya was a disease spread by mosquitoes and the name had its origin from the Swahili dialect of South Africa.