diagonal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
diagonal meaning in tamil is மூலைவிட்டம்

diagonal meaning in tamil with example

diagonal tamil meaning and more example for diagonal will be given in tamil.
The BPCL player put unmarked Tushar Khandekar in possession with a swift diagonal pass forward and the latter tapped the ball home. Lennon took the pass and darted through a gap in the Bolton defence before scoring with a diagonal shot inside the far post. The HAL captain latched on to Zeniths pass and after weaving in from the right sidestepped Queterio Pango to fired home a diagonal volley that beat a diving goalkeeper Milagrio Medeira. In a surprise twist Vasco SC drew level in the 10th minute as Joao Oliveira Carvalho volleyed hard and bulged the net after his teammate Rovan Pereiras diagonal kick from the left triggered a goalmouth melee. For years referees have run what they call a diagonal system to keep up with play ensuring they are always looking across toward the linesman with play in between. Two minutes later Kaka sent Ronaldo clear of the New Zealand defence with a diagonal pass and although the striker beat Moss with a flicked shot the ball bounced back off the post. His replacement the powerful Tim Borowski hit a searching diagonal pass or two but could not carry the game to Italy. Deb with a strong serve and accurate diagonal returns called the shots until midway through the second set. And if you thought the Bangalore lad was more brawn than skill the diagonal drop he deployed off the backhand left an approaching Mao without a clue. Especially noteworthy were the diagonal smashes unleashed by Ragesh K.G. On one occasion he spiked the ball which had sailed along the net at an angle so acute that it travelled almost parallel to the mesh before bouncing off the rival turf untouched.