devil meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
devil meaning in tamil is அரக்கன்

devil meaning in tamil with example

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The Haj tragedy wherein more than 300 people were killed in a stampede during the ritual of stoning the devil at Mina in Saudi Arabia taught a lesson to the organisers of Kalachakra. I dont know what happened except feeling that some devil hit my vehicle from behind suddenly a shivering Bhranidhar told when police sought to know how the accident occurred. It is simply amazing how the muchtouted Indian batting folded ever so tamely when the devil in the pitch had more or less vanished. The scores Thirunagar CC 121 for eight in 25 overs bt Spark CC 117 for eight in 25 overs Amigose CC 130 for nine in 25 overs bt Kapil Devil CC 107 in 24 overs. A more apt electoral slogan would be Me me and myself and devil take the hindmost. Thats what weve come to in this country of great art culture and creativity. The proverb of course is the devil can quote scripture for his purpose which means people may conceal unworthy motives by reciting words that sound morally authoritative. Hasan Suroor has made a conscious twist of the proverb to explain why Francis Fukuyamas views are significant. A reader says The printers devil seems to have crept in twice in Recreation and reactions Chennai and Tamil Nadu editions Friday Review May 5 2006. While for some the choice of candidate is dictated more by adulation hero worship and promises of freebies for many others the choice is between the devil and the deep sea. There are fifteen landing centres along the Ramanathapuram coast including Olaikuda Othaikal Kothamdaramar Koil Devil Point Kundhukal and Arichalmunai.