develop meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
develop meaning in tamil is மேம்படுத்துதல்

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Decsribing the laying of the foundation as a milestone Health and Finance Minister K.Rosaiah hoped the university would develop into a prestigious institution. Similarly the Indiramma programme to comprehensively develop 313 villages under the first phase would be launched on April 1 according to district Collector R. Even to look and comprehend thereby the allencompassing cosmic vision one needs to develop ones full capacity of comprehension. Pakistan and Bangladesh with sizable trade deficits with India can increase their exports only with adjustments in several directions that include measures to develop the growth potential of their economies. Sick However the calf failed to develop immunity and remained sick ever since it was shifted to the zoo. Though the zoo has reported success in taking care of elephants giraffes and gaur and has prepared a special formulation of liquid diet to enable the young ones to develop immunity the survival rate is reckoned to be bleak if the calf is not suckled by its mother. Jaipal Reddy on Sunday wanted the Exhibition Society to develop infrastructure at the Exhibition grounds here to meet international standards. During a recent visit to Coimbatore the General Manager of Southern Railway Thomas Varghese had told reporters that in a bid to develop Coimbatore Junction into a hub for operation of more broad gauge train services MG services would be terminated at Podanur with effect from February. Southern Railway had plans to develop Podanur Junction as a satellite terminal for MG services so that the last platform at Coimbatore Junction could be developed into another BG line for accommodating more trains.