devaluation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
devaluation meaning in tamil is பணப் பெறுமதியைக் குறைத்தல்

devaluation meaning in tamil with example

devaluation tamil meaning and more example for devaluation will be given in tamil.
Some of these aspects are given below In banking there has been a devaluation of the managers role at the unit branch level. The disclosure had also led to the devaluation of the SSLC certificate both inside and outside Kerala the general convener said. There will also be no devaluation of the deal Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal told reporters after concluding discussions with Sahara Parivar Chief Subroto Roy. Most experts have believed for some time that a devaluation in the dollar would be the best way of helping to bring Americas income and expenditure back into line.