deterrent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deterrent meaning in tamil is எதிர்ப்பாற்றலுக்கான சாதனம், மருத்துவம்) நோய் தடுக்கும் மருந்து

deterrent meaning in tamil with example

deterrent tamil meaning and more example for deterrent will be given in tamil.
The Federation has demanded just two speedbreakers and three blinkersred lights so that traffic can be regulated and it acts as a deterrent against overspeeding by vehicles. The accused should be proceeded against in a deterrent manner so that there would be no recurrence of crimes against young children. While the lawabiding citizens would gain a sense of security the show of force was bound to be a deterrent for antisocial elements. Both from the point of view of maintaining long term energy security and for maintaining the minimum credible deterrent as defined by the nuclear doctrine the Fast Breeder programme just cannot be put on the civilian list. The quantum of compensation awarded to the victim must be in a manner that would have a deterrent effect on the offender. Once the rating functions were shifted to the GIC any failure on the part of insurers could be dealt with seriously by bringing in deterrent provisions the committee felt. The presence of policemen is more visible now which is a deterrent to habitual offenders says a senior police official. The Japanese had invested in China but instances of attack on Japanese factories have become a deterrent to prospective investors. The deal has become critical to U.S. interests in India promising multiple benefits 151 leverage in nuclear deterrent and foreign policy fields and billions of dollars in arms contracts and reactor sales. Mrudula who had participated in National School Games in under14 segment and Banu a district player in the junior category were bereft of quality racquets and that proved to be a major deterrent for their growth.