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While genes are an important factor in determining a persons susceptibility to putting on weight the behaviour patterns societal changes and worldwide nutrition transition are driving the obesity epidemic. Among others the new monitoring station will aid in determining if the air quality meets environmental standards and establish air pollution control measures. Swaminathan said soil health should be enhanced through appropriate measures after determining soil deficiency in micronutrients. It was undeniable that money power was playing a decisive part in determining the outcome of elections. The former AttorneyGeneral Soli Sorabjee said Ordinarily the floor test is the method of determining the confidence. What is surprising however is that quite a few journalists have acknowledged that yes a sort of caste system does operate in determining the news value of a crime story. Social and educational backwardness alone were determining factors for identifying the beneficiaries he said. Narasimhan Committee appointed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDA has suggested that the Tariff Advisory Committee TAC be rid of the responsibility of determining the rates terms and advantages of insurance. Brown point out that community infrastructure such as dogwalking parks may play a role in determining how active pet owners will be. In India there was a problem of determining whether education could be imparted best through the mother tongue the regional language or English but the aim should be to provide opportunities for success in an atmosphere of selfesteem.