determine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
determine meaning in tamil is தீர்மானி

determine meaning in tamil with example

determine tamil meaning and more example for determine will be given in tamil.
Thus to determine what is just the positive rules are variable and subject to change by human authority but as long as they remain in force they are rigid in application. The decisions that we make individually and collectively will determine whether the outcomes of 21st century sciences are benign or devastating. Professor Rees argues that the feeling of fatalism will get in the way of properly regulating how science progresses. Samples of the ore collected from trial points at various places were sent to the Indian Bureau of Mines and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre to determine the nature and commercial viability of the ore. Officers should stop all vehicles at a fixed location to determine helmet usage seatbelts and child safety seat use. The Law Minister or even the Law Ministry was not the appropriate authority to determine whether prosecution against the accused should proceed or not. Last weeks sudden and probably permanent incapacitation through a stroke of Ariel Sharon Israels Prime Minister has again dramatically highlighted the way personality can determine and dominate policies. 1850 crore mostly to China in 200405 is now anxiously waiting for the apex court to take up for hearing in the last week of January two petitions filed by the company and its workers to determine whether any salvation is in store for them. Instead examination of layers of biodiversity such as density of vegetation to determine the numbers of herbivorous animals whose number will throw up probable tiger numbers.