determination meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
determination meaning in tamil is பிடிவாதம், மனஉறுதி

determination meaning in tamil with example

determination tamil meaning and more example for determination will be given in tamil.
The principles of natural law are permanent and comprehensive but the determination of what is just by human enactment must vary with the different circumstances of mankind. To reread that early interview is to be struck by his determination to uplift himself and his backwater state. The determination with which Pakistan has pursued the proposal to establish three cantonments in the region the Gwadar Port and the resettlement of Punjabis to reduce the Balochis to a minority have alienated the people who never felt integrated in Pakistan anyway. S.M. Vrushabhendra Swamy former Kannada professor at Karnatak University who was also honoured with the honorary doctorate degree urged new graduates to face the challenges in life with courage and determination and excel in their chosen fields. Commending their determination to dedicate life to the welfare of the people he said that they strove hard to establish a violencefree society. The 86th convocation of the University of Mysore on Monday provided an opportunity for the audience to see the grit and determination of two young men who succeeded in achieving their aims. Merkel has been engaged in a damage limitation exercise with U.S. and her determination and pragmatic approach have had an appeal on both sides of the Atlantic. In spite of his fathers determination to save the coalition he has shifted loyalties and destabilised the Government. I always stress on three Ds to my wards 151 discipline determination and dedication 151 and Anup has these qualities in plenty.