deterioration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deterioration meaning in tamil is நாசம், உழல்

deterioration meaning in tamil with example

deterioration tamil meaning and more example for deterioration will be given in tamil.
The year also saw deterioration in relations between the Sheila Dikshit Government and the Congressruled Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The deterioration of educational standards and rise in unemployment are due to this administrative lapse. Wellknown scholars and teachers of dance and music have decried the deterioration in standards of the State Schools Youth Festival. Kalamandalam Gopinath dance teacher said that the responsibility for the deterioration of the youth festivals was with the Government. K.R. Ramakrishna Commissioner for Heritage Museums and Archaeology Government of Karnataka inaugurated the workshop The objective of the workshop is to help acquaint participants with various factors that abet deterioration of different objects and the means to prevent it. Bhyrappa who was in Karwar en route to Kadambotsava in Banavasi told presspersons that that the present tendency of thrusting English on children will cause deterioration of culture. Meanwhile a number of organisations including Indians Care had called upon the Government to intervene immediately and prevent further deterioration of the situation. The rhetoric reflected a rapid deterioration in relations between the two countries after Venezuelan espionage allegations against the U.S. and titfortat expulsions of diplomats. However despite being stable at this point of time the chances of deterioration leading to requirement of ventilation and further aggressive treatment could not be ruled out. They also held a meeting with the local BJP functionaries to prevent any deterioration in the atmosphere.