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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
detention meaning in tamil is சுங்கம்) பறிமுதல் செய்தல், கைப்பற்றுதல், இறந்த கணவரின் சொத்ததை பெற முயற்சி செய்தல், தடுத்து

detention meaning in tamil with example

detention tamil meaning and more example for detention will be given in tamil.
Women led by CPI corporator storm the excise station in Kurnool on Saturday in protest against the detention of a minor girl in the lockup. Members of Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samakhya and activists of CPI stormed the excise station here on Saturday protesting against detention of a minor girl in lockup. This office has proceeded against 106 employers for arrest and detention for their failure in remitting the EPF. Pradeep Kumar objected to the CBIs plea for extension of remand on the ground that some more persons accused in the fake passport case were to be apprehended and her detention was necessary to carry out further investigation. Last week the Washington Posts media column revealed that Posts editor Leonard Downie Jr was also summoned to the Oval Office before publication of its story that the CIA was running a network of secret detention centres in eastern Europe. Indeed that we no longer have a democracy. Their detention comes 10 days after Sam Rainsy head of the main Opposition party was convicted in absentia of defaming Mr. The detention provisions had been invoked against persons who were in the adverse notice of the police and those who had taken crime as their career she said. The Prohibition and Excise Commissioner B.R. Meena who was here on Wednesday to conduct a review meeting said that the department was contemplating using the Preventive Detention Act PD Act to curb sale of Gudumba and ID liquor. Preventive arrests Meanwhile over 500 MRPS activists were taken into preventive detention in Adilabad Chittoor Nizamabad and Vizianagaram districts.