destruction meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
destruction meaning in tamil is அழித்தல், ஒழித்தல்

destruction meaning in tamil with example

destruction tamil meaning and more example for destruction will be given in tamil.
Rangasamy recalled how tsunami that struck Pondicherry and Karaikal districts on December 26 2004 had resulted in loss of more than 600 lives and also destruction of property. Brought home by the ubiquitous idiot box the deadly mix of terror and destruction lurked somewhere else. Israeli officials said they were disinclined to allow voting because Hamas which officially stands committed to the destruction of Israel was contesting the polls. He said the biggest achievement during his tenure was the destruction of ganja valued at Rs.131 crores. The court has found the two accused guilty under Sections 302 120b 366 and 201 of IPC which amounts to purposeful killing criminal conspiracy abduction and destruction of evidence. The Indian Farmers Movement INFAM has said that the State Government is solely responsible for increased toxicity of the Periyar which has led to destruction of fisheries and agricultural resources. Sharons deliberate destruction of his Likud party and his founding of the new centrist Kadima list was a move of corresponding boldness on the domestic political front. He told the officials that steps had to be taken to prevent destruction of standing crops by elephants. Israel regards Teheran as the single greatest threat a view sharpened by the Iranian Presidents call for the destruction of the Jewish state and his denial of the Holocaust. In the absence of corridors and destruction of forests elephant herds tend to get isolated and invariably results in inbreeding which that have devastating consequences in the long run.