destroyer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
destroyer meaning in tamil is நாசகாரக் கப்பல்

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The newlydeveloped weapons by the OFT Tiruchi on display included Vidhwansak The Destroyer 12.7mm14.5mm20mm used for destroying bunkers even at a distance of 2000m. Belonging to the destroyer class the ship has enhanced stealth features and landattack capabilities. Armed with supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles INS Kolkata is the l argest and most lethal multirole destroyer of the Indian Navy. Vertical launch system A defence source said the destroyer might have a 24cell vertical launch system for SAMs in its forward and aft areas making it a total of 48. Besides a multifunction radar system the destroyer has the HumsaNG hull mounted sonar and a Nagin active towed array sonar. Also it should read in the caption Belonging to the destroyer class the ship will have we said has enhanced stealth features and landattack capabilities ... . Launching is the first stage after keel laying in the construction of a ship. Forest destruction says Greenpeace has increased near all the soya facilities and soya is the most powerful destroyer of the Amazon. Rear Admiral Anoop Singh Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet is leading the Indian task group flying his flag on missile destroyer INS Mumbai. The British carrier is accompanied by HMS Gloucester 5200ton destroyer and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ships Fort Victoria and Diligence. He has commanded several ships including the Guided Missile Destroyer INS Ranvir and the Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat. Ranganathan pointed out that the main contributor of rain of about 70 per cent for the delta was northeast monsoon that is more a destroyer of crops rather than a benefactor.