destroy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
destroy meaning in tamil is அழித்துவிடு

destroy meaning in tamil with example

destroy tamil meaning and more example for destroy will be given in tamil.
The Sanghs president and Arya Samaj leader Satyavrat Samvedi said the 10 per cent reduction in addition to a number of undeclared cuts in the grants would decimate the institutions and destroy the lives of thousands of employees working with them. He said public were told that once the HIV entered the body it would destroy the T4 cells in the White Blood Corpuscles which otherwise offers immunity to various diseases. The child was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate and she feared that it would destroy her family. 151 Staff Correspondent Elephants destroy coconut palms SIRS. 151 Staff Correspondent Elephants destroy coconut grove SIRS. 151 Staff Correspondent Elephants destroy coconut palms SIRS. JMACC in collaboration with other peoples organisations will continue the fight against policies that destroy the homes and livelihood of people said Gulab Chandra coordinator of JMACC. The proposed project on 1287 hectares of land would destroy the rich flora and fauna of the Malnad region. The Government and the accused persons had made unprecedented efforts to destroy evidences and to get the witness change their stands the secretary of the Janadhipathya Vanitha Sanghatana said. In Andals perspective the Supreme Beings various incarnations and His extraordinary efforts to protect dharma and destroy evil are worthy of eulogy at all times. Pointing out that even at the Government Botanical Garden a few shrubs had been noticed he said that steps had been initiated to destroy them.