destiny meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
destiny meaning in tamil is தலையெழுத்து, தலை விதி

destiny meaning in tamil with example

destiny tamil meaning and more example for destiny will be given in tamil.
Queen Of Destiny 6 HALEBEEDU PLATE 1600m 151 rated 30 above 151 430 1. Stressing the role of the law of economics he said the law of economics would decide the destiny of the country and not isms such as socialism capitalism or communism. Sponsors Soft skills component once decided the destiny of many. Each one of us should chalk out our future and destiny instead of blaming the government or society and stop feeling inferior. Singh Hooves Of Destiny Ganesh 122.5 100018 80055 40029.5. They jumped out well and were separated by half a length half a length and two lengths. Then respite arrived in the form of a Frenchman who should be sitting in Montmartre painting landscapes but somehow found his destiny involved a slightly larger canvas. One O One Rathod Forces Of Destiny N.Jodha 13 60037.5. They were ridden out and finished level. 1.Just Stunning 2.Iamtheone 3.Hooves Of Destiny 4 DECCAN BOOKMAKERS TROPHY Div. Trap A Spy Days best Ho Chi Minh Double Queen Of Destiny 151 Small Soldier Jkt 4 5 6 7 8. VIJAYAWADA PLATE 1200 m Maiden 3 yoonlyTerms Haimi Waltz Meritocrat 151 Most Discerning 53.5 Appu 1 Queen Of Destiny 53.5 Suraj Narredu 2 Heroines Fantasy 53.5 Tauseef Ahmed 3 and Satin Slipper 53.5 J.Paswan 4. Outer sand 800m Forces Of Destiny N.Jodha Band Of Gold Shelar 52 60038.5. Former ended four lengths in front. The youths of India had the capability to decide on the destiny of the worlds overall progress and development. But in this phase of his life he has realised his destiny and the urge of getting recognition for what he is at present.