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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
desserts meaning in tamil is இனிப்பு

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The festival also offers lipsmacking desserts such as raj bhog gajar ka halwa phirni fruit salad and ice creams. In addition the customer can choose from a wide range of appetizers soups salads pastas Indian and international pizzas both vegetarian and nonvegetarian desserts and beverages. You can top off the meal with two desserts a Khalia chocolate mousse filled with choco pancakes with stewed cherry sauce and chilled peach and lichi stew with mango ricotta dumplings. We are offering best quality food with traditional recipes to our valued customers. Mouthwatering dishes like chicken galenha mutton vindalu Mangalore fried fish kodi biryani Goan dhal along with an assortment of desserts will be served during lunch and dinner everyday at Astral Coffee shop. All comes right in the end and Miranda gets her just desserts while Andy becomes a serious journalist. If this is not enough the festival has a rich variety of desserts that included Semiya Payasam Dry Fruit Pudding and Coffee Mousse Cake. The low calorie desserts such as creamy coconut pudding cheesestuffed bonbons and spongy Tiramisu were too tempting for even the dietconscious to resist.