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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday maintained that despite the negative fallout of a 1520 per cent projected decline in kharif crop output owing to a deficient monsoon the economy would still post 8220some ... ITDC unveils Ashok Alliance NEW DELH. The year that ended on Saturday brought back memories of political instability in the State despite a coalition Government with a clear majority in power. Aslam recalled that many people had risen to new heights in their lives only through education despite poverty. In the first two quarters exporters struggled to confirm orders despite a good number of business enquiries they were unable to meet the prices offered by the buyers. Post MasterGeneral Vijayawada region B.V. Sudhakar said on Saturday that the department would deliver mails at the doorstep of customers on Sunday despite the New Years Day falling on a holiday. But the contractors fear that the projects may not be able to meet the deadline despite the fact that info tech companies have set stiff target dates. There were some high spots at the start of the year but the overall performance was not up to the mark despite an overseas series triumph abroad outside the subcontinent. The team has been invited despite a declaration by United Nations representative Craig Jenness that the elections were transparent and credible. He also stressed that there was no justification for fresh elections thereby negating the Sunni demand for it in some areas. Dikshit as she did not face any real threat to her leadership despite the infamous walkout from the party meeting on April 19 something that was not taken kindly to by the party high command and something which also weakened her position to a large extent.