desire meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
desire meaning in tamil is ஆசை

desire meaning in tamil with example

desire tamil meaning and more example for desire will be given in tamil.
The success of the shuttles return to space has been tempered by problems with the International Space Station which saw most of its science budget slashed to help NASA pay for President George Bushs desire to send astronauts to the moon and Mars. Rajasekhara Reddy has appealed to people not to take the trouble of sending him expensive greeting cards garlands bouquets sweet packets and expressed the desire to usher in 2006 without pomp. Madhavan a man of good deeds living with holy men gradually acquires faith in religion besides gaining a desire to hear the word of God. LIFE IS a good but under certain circumstances it is the clearest duty to sacrifice it for a higher good. As the Chinese sage Mencius says I desire life. Record Ravi expresses his desire to find a place in the Limca Book of Indian Records and the Guinness Book. A fullboard meeting of the KSEB evaluated the consequences of this proposal on Friday evening in the light of the desire expressed by the Government to pass on to the consumers the benefits of the good monsoon received this year. You can be sure it will be a flop but you will achieve what you desire to arrange a gettogether inviting politicians and film stars for the fifth birthday of your pet dog in a five star hotel. He further submitted that after the December 14 order the Delhi Government and the Centre had shown their desire to implement the Malhotra Committee Report on building bylaws as well as finalise the Draft Master Plan 2021. Performance of action without desire for the result and surrendering the result to God absolves the doer of the resulting Karma as Punya and Papa which gives rise to future births.