describing meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
describing meaning in tamil is விவரணம், வர்ணித்தல், பொழிப்புரை

describing meaning in tamil with example

describing tamil meaning and more example for describing will be given in tamil.
Muniyappa delivered a keynote address at the workshop describing the working of an ongoing World Bankaided project utilising the application of space technology for natural resource management and sustainable livelihood in that State. Zahira objected to the findings of the Gupta Committee report describing her as a selfcondemned liar and saying that despite concerted efforts the identity of the persons who had induced her to change her stand could not be ascertained. The Indian epics were describing fermentation process which was an important concept in biotechnology he said. While describing the uniqueness of Krishna Avatar she stresses the Absolute nature of the Lord and of the epoch making night of His birth. The mouthpiece also quoted the ULFA chief Paresh Barua describing the safe passage offer as childish immature and incompatible with the objective reality. Nobody with a sound mental health need any safe passage to hisher motherland the ULFA chief said. If the public issue was to raise the capital base why was the capital returned to the Government he asked describing the public issue as a designed programme to dilute Government equity and strengthen private equity and a part of privatisation of public sector banks. They also agreed that the spirituality in Carnatic music had no parallel. Describing the opportunity he got to inaugurate the aradhana as gods grace he said it coincided with the sixtieth year of his playing the mrithangam. The CDs are interactive in nature describing the concepts visually through line diagrams represented by arrows in a lucid manner.