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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
describe meaning in tamil is வர்ணித்தல், விவரி

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The prodemocracy political parties have rightly decided to boycott the elections which they describe as a ploy by the monarch to try and convince the world that he is genuine about restoring democracy. Ajith who prefers to describe himself as a selftaught artist is a practicing medical doctor at Venjaramoodu Thiruvananthapuram. As a musician critics describe Pandit Chaurasia as a rare combination of an innovator and a traditionalist. It would recommend types of textiles to be covered under the quality standardisation how to describe the markings the manner of stamping and who should be empowered to ensure compliance. Prasad chose to describe the visit as a courtesy call. Both the leaders expressed their anguish over the political developments in the State and described them as disgusting and sickening. Mr. It was first used in a publication to describe the fiery Australian pace bowler Frederick Spofforths achievement of shattering the stumps of three batsmen in the space of three balls in a match at the Oval in 1878. The notes describe in detail some of the most astounding and outlandish scientific thinking from meetings of the society between 1661 to 1682. He appeared overwhelmed by the warmth of the people and liberally employed superlatives such as epic historic and memorable to describe his feelings. In what the promoters describe as the biggest single investment for decades to come in the hardware sector the project is designed to capture a good chunk of the semiconductor industry whose turnover is expected to touch 33.6 billions by 2015.