descendant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
descendant meaning in tamil is சந்ததி

descendant meaning in tamil with example

descendant tamil meaning and more example for descendant will be given in tamil.
Interestingly the MCD as well as the Delhi Development Authority had submitted before the Court that only a building residential in character and not going beyond twoandahalf storey and owned by the original resident his descendant is to be permitted in Lal Dora areas. As the day also marked the 598th birthday of the saintpoet a descendant of Tallapaka lineage Harinarayana lit a huge camphor candle in front of his statue. According to a British geneticist who pioneered the research Robinson appears to be a direct descendant of Genghis Khan the Mongol warrior who conquered vast tracts of Asia and Europe in the 13th century. Philip is a direct descendant of Tsarina Alexandra who died alongside her husband Tsar Nicholas II and their children in the Reuters report A prince celebrated Newscape June 2 2006. Lastly it is stated that Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh is a direct descendant of Tsarina Alexandra. Saint Hazarath Syed Shahul Hameed the 23rd descendant of Prophet Mohammed was born and educated in Manickapur near Allahabad. And 75 per cent of Malegoans population of 700000 is Muslim 151 mostly descendant of migrants from Uttar Pradesh who came searching for jobs in the mills and refugees from the postPartition riots in Hyderabad. Aga Khan is the direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad and is funding development projects in many countries. Syed Shaha MohammedulHussaini a descendant of Khwaja Bande Nawaz will lead a procession from the public garden here carrying sandalwood paste signalling the beginning of the urs on Thursday evening.