depressed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
depressed meaning in tamil is மனச்சோர்வு

depressed meaning in tamil with example

depressed tamil meaning and more example for depressed will be given in tamil.
An apparently depressed Nagajyotsna asked her husband if he wanted to have dinner but the latter said he did not feel like having and slept the Inspector explained. As a result of the enlightened stand of social leaders the depressed classes of the State gained the right to enter temples and use public roads and reservation benefits he said. Husbands absence at birthday party and leaving for pilgrimage without intimating her apparently depressed the woman and drove her to attempt suicide Uppal SubInspector Ravinder Reddy said. National workshop on Green Chemistry 2006 Mekaster Auditorium OU campus 9.30 a.m. Roshini Support for Depressed and Suicidal Eighth anniversary celebrations chief guest Anji Reddy founder Dr. He said they would offer prayers for the sick and depressed people and invited all interested people to attend the meetings. Exact reasons behind her death are not yet known but not getting a suitable job despite having better qualifications seems to have depressed her SubInspector S. Small traders could be in troubled waters when they sell. Imports of cotton have further depressed prices over the years. Overall the awareness programme aims to make the farmers in this depressed region positive. And to educate them in due course on government schemes they can gain from. And if it seems whacky to many its authors motives are honourable. They insisted he had killed himself because he was depressed over my mothers death. There was a glitch in that argument. According to the police Bharat had completed his MBBS from Russia and had been depressed as the degree is not recognised in India making it impossible for him to practice.