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Raising the matter Allagadda MLA Gangula Pratap Reddy said overutilisation of water at the rate of 37000 cusecs for power generation might deplete the reservoir below the canal support level. They alleged that the bottling unit would draw water from the Tamiraparani in huge quantity which would eventually deplete the drinking water resources for the residents in the nearby areas. Balakrishnan said withdrawal of the exemption available to the banks under Section 80 P would deplete their financial resources. Science and Technology Minister Ramachandra Gowda quoted from the Gita and said that preventing a small quantity of water from flowing into the sea will not deplete sea levels. Protesting under the banner of Oxfam Internationals Make Trade Fair campaign farmers from Tamil Nadu Rajasthan Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh lamented that the developed world was determined to destroy the countrys selfsufficiency in agriculture and deplete its water resources. Peter State president of Kerala Swathanthra Matsya Thozhilali Federation said the illegal fishing method was threatening to deplete fish stocks. Generation at this level will deplete the level to 800 ft in five days the minimum required for power generation. The youth lit a kerosene lamp at the bottom of the well causing the scarce oxygen at the base to deplete quickly. The political parties and their internal structures have combined to deplete parliamentary democracy of its inherent capacity to generate new energy and emotions.