dependable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dependable meaning in tamil is நம்பகரமானதா

dependable meaning in tamil with example

dependable tamil meaning and more example for dependable will be given in tamil.
Apart from fulfilling the drinking water requirements of several hamlets and municipalities in these three districts the Palar riverbed serves as a dependable source whenever drinking water shortage arises in Chennai. A sturdy reputation of being a dependable family car Hillman Minx will go a long way in spreading the good word about vintage cars. Muthukrishnan Bangalore The Dharam Singh ouster is a reiteration of the fact that no regional party is a dependable ally. The bigger companys intellectual property rights are scrupulously protected and a steady and dependable supply ensured. The talented Mohammed Rafi also netted a brace while Abdul Basheer the teams most dependable defender scored the other goal. India could have equalised a minute later but the dependable Tushar Khandekar missed out when he had a golden chance right in front of the goal. The ethanol Brazil produces from sugar cane is attracting worldwide interest for it is one of the cheapest and most dependable types of fuel derived from renewable sources. Sad for the spectators that he chose to control his strokeplay but it was the need of the hour and a testament to his progress as a dependable batsman. The only constraint being cited by them to proceed in the matter is the lack of dependable transport facilities. But everyone in the institution agrees on the need for a more accurate more comprehensive more dependable newspaper and the importance of building a strong framework to resolve contentious issues in the future.