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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
department meaning in tamil is திணைக்களம்

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The Legislative Assembly on Thursday amended the Puducherry Value Added Tax Act 2007 to give more powers to the Commercial Tax Department in tax collection and exclude and bring a few items under the purview of VAT. Town planning department should insist people to grow trees in their site before granting approval for making of houses. Now the Animal Husbandry Department had adequate stocks of vaccine and it should be supplied to farmers. Deposits The farmers representatives wanted the Cooperative Department to instruct the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks to return the matured deposit amounts to the farmers which were refused by some PACBs. The Environmental Science Department of the Gulbarga University will organise a shortterm course on Basics of Geoinformatics for teachers from January 2 to 25 in the newly established Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Facility on the main campus of the university. The bridge was entrusted with the Highways Department following a Government Order on December 19 last and repair works commenced on December 24. It also appealed to the Government to give directions to the Public Works Department and the Highways Department to issue tender documents for government works to all eligible contractors. This seems to be the second step the Department has taken shortly after increasing the area under sericulture cultivation in the region. The spurt in the cocoon production has resulted in the need for starting reeling units and the Department now encourages entrepreneurs to set up reeling units says Regional Deputy Director incharge Sericulture Department C.