deny meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
deny meaning in tamil is மறு, நிராகரி, ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளாதிரு, கொடுக்காதிரு

deny meaning in tamil with example

deny tamil meaning and more example for deny will be given in tamil.
Bangarappa who claims to be a champion of the Dalits agrees to such an arrangement which will deny an opportunity for a Dalit candidate of other party to occupy the coveted Presidents post. Not only does the government vehemently deny both charges but under two revised articles of the penal code anyone who lends credence to them can be tried and jailed for denigrating Turkish identity. In midDecember Mr. The French authorities and the SDIC the private company that acquired the Clemenceau for scrap deny these allegations saying the Clemenceau had an estimated 160 tonnes of asbestos aboard of which they have removed 115 tonnes. The year 2005 has not been a memorable one for Srichaphan but on Monday he was particularly good at the net his returns of serve were neat and the ace which he unleashed in the fourth game to force the deuce and deny his opponents stood out. A certain amount of ideological confusion is understandable after the collapse of the East European communist model but political beliefs remain and it is disingenuous to deny them. Mr Yushchenko has said that solving the case is a priority but he and other public figures have been forced to deny hindering the investigation to protect allies who knew about the murder plot. But following a chorus of antiZionist rhetoric since the President was elected last June the announcement will trigger suspicions that the aim is to deny that the Holocaust happened. West Brom goalkeeper Tomasz Kuszczak ensured the win by making a scrambled diving save to deny Jason Roberts in the final minutes.