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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
denture meaning in tamil is பொய்ப்பல்

denture meaning in tamil with example

denture tamil meaning and more example for denture will be given in tamil.
Mehesh found that the morphology of the artificial tooth of the partial denture coincides with the natural maxillary left central incisor of Chellappans mouth. It further said that the cervical margin of the teeth of Chellappan in the region of the maxillary left central and later incisors corresponds with the finish line of the partial denture in the same region. With these observations we are of the opinion that the Artificial Partial Denture has been used by Chellappan the report said. According to a press release here on Thursday Devendrappa from Majunathapur in Dharwad swallowed the denture about six years ago and had developed pain. Another new technique the clinic had introduced the report said was the biomedical prosthesis system for denture implantation.