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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
denmark meaning in tamil is டென்மார்க்

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Anup while thanking the sponsors for their unstinted support said that would be competing in the Danish league in Denmark but would return to India to play in the Thomas Cup preliminary rounds from February.14. On Monday gunmen from AlAqsa Martyrs Brigade briefly occupied the E.U.s office in the Gaza Strip demanding that Denmark and Norway apologise. Irans Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki had spoken to his Danish counterpart Per Stig Moeller and asked Denmark and other European governments to compensate for their mistake of publishing the cartoons. It is this patronising tendency 151 stronger in Denmark than in countries such as Britain or Canada 151 that decided the course of the controversy and coloured the Danish reaction. Not because I do not have anything to say but because there is no space left for me either in Denmark or in many Muslim countries. Please believe us There is another Denmark that advocates understanding instead of conflict respect and dialogue instead of prejudice and arrogance. Pakistan on Friday said it has decided to impose ban on import of medicines from the countries including Denmark which published blasphemous cartoons hurting the sentiments of Muslims. He termed the publication of the original cartoons in Denmark and their reproduction in some other western countries as a conspiracy and asserted that Pakistan would not accept such foolish acts. Mr. Naseer Khan told the Senate that Pakistan purchased 304.5 million worth of medicines from 45 countries including Denmark during the last two years.