demonstrate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
demonstrate meaning in tamil is செய்து காட்டு

demonstrate meaning in tamil with example

demonstrate tamil meaning and more example for demonstrate will be given in tamil.
The CIIP asked for an opportunity to demonstrate that there was a pattern in the alleged killings and illegal cremations by security forces. The task before the State administration is to demonstrate to the traditionally oppressed sections that they will not be denied fairplay and justice. Delhis Metro will have to demonstrate to the rest of the country the viability of such a highinvestment mass transit system in the Indian context. A live workshop to demonstrate the latest advancement in the field of plastic surgery would be the highlight of the threeday annual conference of the Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Association of Plastic Surgeons to be held here from January 6 to 8. Speaking to reporters at the 93rd session of the Indian Science Congress he said the CDAC had also planned to roll out a pilot project to demonstrate Indias capability in the high tech area of grid computing this year. Yoshiko Toriyama right and Shizoku Hamada 3rd from left from the University of Tsukuba demonstrate how basic experiments in Chemistry can be carried out by visually challenged students at a workshop at Madras Christian Coll ege Tambaram. To expect India to demonstrate complete change of stance in the first phase of talks is impractical. Efforts would also be made to demonstrate the preparation of the soup to enable the patients make them at home. The Swamiji who is already an yellow belt in this art says he likes it for its economy of effort. The Swamiji who conducts packaged personality development workshops says he will demonstrate how one needs to be totally relaxed to be able to make use of little effort to achieve more.