demolish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
demolish meaning in tamil is தர்த்துவிடு

demolish meaning in tamil with example

demolish tamil meaning and more example for demolish will be given in tamil.
Nagaraja Rao said that technology and expertise to conserve and restore a heritage monument or structure was very much available and expressed regret over the move to demolish the structure. Rao said that if the authorities demolish the Devaraja Market then the fate of the Lansedown building and Sitavilas Choultry was also doomed. Just two days ago Governor S.M. Krishna returned to the Government the draft ordinance regularising illegal constructions at Ulhasnagar enquiring if it was proper to promulgate it in view of the High Courts order to demolish the buildings. He decried issue of notices asking houseowners who encroached upon Buggavanka stream poramboke land to voluntarily demolish their houses within a fortnight. There will be no letup in the drive to demolish illegal buildings or constructions. Mr. I have asked them to go with bulldozers and demolish all illegal ongoing constructions even if it meant taking on the mighty and powerful. A Division Bench of the Court comprising Justice Vijender Jain and Justice Rekha Sharma directed the MCD to demolish shopping malls hotels and shops in the Lal Dora area that have been built by outsiders over the years as Lal Dora is meant for the village population only. Land Revenue Commissioner Alphonse Kannanthanam says his department is planning to demolish buildings raised in illegallyconverted paddy fields in Ernakulam district. MCD should also ensure that the violators do not rebuild their illegal properties and if the same was done the civic body should demolish them and recover the expenditure incurred on the demolition of the rebuilt illegal properties from the violators.