democracy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
democracy meaning in tamil is மக்களாட்சி, ஜனநாயகம்

democracy meaning in tamil with example

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Let the New Year usher in good governance adhering to democracy in letter and spirit. Pattali Makkal Katchi founder S. If democracy fails in a large country like ours how could it be a success in small countries Mr. After the Chief Ministers statement Om Prakash Sharma of the teachers group moved a censure notice saying that phone tapping in democracy was an infringement on the right to privacy and needed to be condemned. Therefore we are compelled to go on the offensive not only for the sake of peace and democracy but for the sake of self defence said Prachanda elusive chief of the Maoist group. To a question on whether democracy would be allowed to prevail by allowing elections to the steering committee he said if was left to AICC president Sonia Gandhi to decide. Such pettyminded leaders who are unfit or unwilling to play their parts according to the rules of democracy should be weeded out if the country is not to slip into anarchy. Nothing can be more gruesome and destructive of parliamentary democracy than elected members receiving bribes. Yet in a party given to leader worship and sycophancy innerparty democracy can only be a false alarm. What explains the reluctance to foster innerparty democracy among politicians who are happy to participate in the larger democratic process taking victory and defeat in their stride. Although in a true democracy they must remain subordinate to their political masters they have a clear responsibility to point out when political strategies are flawed or inadequately resourced.