delicious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
delicious meaning in tamil is இன்சுவை மிகுந்த

delicious meaning in tamil with example

delicious tamil meaning and more example for delicious will be given in tamil.
Delicious fare The third set clearly served up the more delicious fare. TIRUCHI Having undergone a shortterm training in valueadded products from banana a few villagers in Tiruchi district have now taken up the micro venture of making several products from banana including delicious chips and mouthwatering pickles. The outfit said it was very unfortunate that they fail to realise from their previous bitter experiences of failure. The taste of sovereignty is much more delicious than the cakes made by our mothers and sisters at home the rebel group said while rejecting Mr. One of the suggestions made by the President on tapping the horticulture sector in Karnataka must be given serious thought he said and mentioned how Kolar which is known for delicious mangoes has not got enough support in terms of marketing cold storages and so on. Here is some good news for those who have enjoyed Triplicane Ratna Cafes delicious sambarsoaked idlis. M.M. Kotian Bangalore The politicians penchant for profligacy of promises and enjoying the most delicious of all privileges 151 spending other peoples money 151 is exemplified by the DMKs election manifesto. And he receives excellent support from a delicious Catherine Keener as friend and writer Nelle Harper Lee who must stand by and watch a friends journey into moral decay and an equally compelling Clifton Collins Jr. The refinery and the petrochemicals giant is already producing the delicious fruit at its compensatory forestry project on the periphery of the Asias largest crude oil refinery in the western coast of Jamnagar in Gujarat.