delicate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
delicate meaning in tamil is நொய்மையான

delicate meaning in tamil with example

delicate tamil meaning and more example for delicate will be given in tamil.
The beauty of equity lies in its flexibility in its response to values and a delicate sense of proportion. While the ribtickling antics of the clown sustains the interest of children daredevilry such as delicate balancing acts keep the spectators spellbound. Miceli replaced the more orthodox Roberto Lavagna who steered Argentina through its delicate recovery of the last four years but lost his seat after disagreements with Mr. The household items are delicate and not used regularly even by the Japanese as plastic imitations have replaced the fine pieces. Sabti turned books he refers to as survivors into collages by exposing and reapplying layers of their delicate bindings that are on show in the exhibit. Elegant start Earlier in the day the man on whose delicate racquet strings rests the legitimacy of this tournament made an elegant first appearance. Though more innovations lead to more catastrophe the highly dynamic civilization should develop new techniques that can protect the delicate web between humanity and environment if disasters are to be avoided she said. Naturally there is indignation that at this delicate juncture Washington is inclined to announce victory in the Afghan war and march on. The Pakistan skipper caressed the ball through the gaps his effort was dotted with delicate cuts glorious drives and elegant flicks. The Pakistan captain hampered by a back problem resumed his innings only at the fall of the sixth wicket but a delicate caress square off the wicket revealed the kind of form he is in.