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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
definition meaning in tamil is வடித்தம்

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There has been substantial quibbling over the definition of independent directors and on the arms length relationship they are supposed to maintain with the promoters. Protesting the exclusion of minority institutions from the ambit of the Constitution Amendment many parties sought a clear definition of the term minority as it applies to both religious and linguistic minorities. Chidambarams attention to critical issues for consideration in the budget including the definition of corporate tax fringe benefit tax FBT international and nonresidents taxation personal taxation and capital gains. Justice Malimath who had headed the Commission of Criminal Law Reforms was not happy with the definition of communal violence that means any act of omission or commission which constitutes a scheduled offence and which is punishable under Section 19 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973. Students are provided the definition of the word its usage part of speech and its language of origin. Kamal Nath said Indian whisky producers had for long been urging the U.K. to modify rules relating to the definition of whisky. This is based on the definition laid down in the SEBI substantial acquisition of shares and takeovers regulations 1997. Much has been made in this respect of the definition of child under the Indian Penal Code the Representation of the People Act the Indian Contract Act and the Indian Majority Act or the Prohibition Acts of various States. As a precursor to heralding effective governance hinging upon the principles of self reliance and rural development it was imperative to change the definition of modern concepts of development.