definitely meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
definitely meaning in tamil is நிச்சயமாக

definitely meaning in tamil with example

definitely tamil meaning and more example for definitely will be given in tamil.
This attitude and performance will definitely make the country great and bring smiles to a billion people. Mr. Having witnessed the remarkable resilience of human spirit in overcoming the trauma caused by the fury of Nature and the tsunami the New Year could definitely be welcomed with renewed hope and bright prospects. You definitely do not expect those using cycles or other manual modes of transport to take five kilometre detours for their journey the NHAI official said adding that the original and revised designs have followed the laid safety norms for speed and curves on the project. If it was true he would have definitely established contact with his homeland and not kept quiet for 60odd years added Ms. It should definitely be an example for those concerned with issues of crimes against women to take the cue and make focused efforts to reduce the vulnerability of women. It will definitely be located outside Bangalore and Karnataka Grote told reporters here but declined to quantify the investments in the new facility. The surface largely devoid of grass appears a hard one where there would definitely be some bounce for the pacemen. With eight classrooms a computer lab library store room and seven toilets including three for girls this is definitely a cut above the old school that not only functioned in a threeroom congested building but also exposed children to risk of accidents since it was located on the main road. I have no clue how old he is how he looks if he is left or righthanded 151 its definitely tricky. Istomin 19 received a wild card as winner of the 2005 Asian Championship at Tashkent.