definite meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
definite meaning in tamil is நிச்சயம்

definite meaning in tamil with example

definite tamil meaning and more example for definite will be given in tamil.
AT THE start of the New Year there has been a definite progression in the more than twoyearold debate that has engaged corporate India its investors the regulators and the company law administration. More importantly there is a definite case for an independent panel preferably headed by a retired judge. We reiterated that the Assam Accord has to be implemented in a definite time frame and the border has to be sealed a la the IndoPak. An allparty meeting held by the Government on Polavaram project at the Secretariat on Friday ended inconclusively with political parties raising fresh queries instead of indicating a definite stand on the projectyes or no. The Pazhassi Rajas heroic resistance to the British especially his fight against the colonisers during the eight years after 1897 was part of the shaping of India as a nation though the question of nationalism was yet to take definite form. Pawar said he had definite information from the Home Ministry that allegations on involvement about phone tapping were not correct and were unfair. One thing definite about IndiaPakistan relations is they never remain the same 151 they are forever changing always throwing up a new surprise. I would not make allegations against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or Congress President Sonia Gandhi unless there is definite evidence. Not making light of the achievements made by the State in eradication of polio Mr Hassan said here the State had made definite strides in the field with number of polio cases coming down drastically from a high as 1242 in 65 districts of the state in 2002 to 28 in 14 districts in 2005.