defendant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
defendant meaning in tamil is பிரதிவாதி

defendant meaning in tamil with example

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Police now have the authority to request that the suspect has an xray or ultrasound scan and courts will be able to draw their own conclusions if a defendant refuses. However the prosecutor described the defendant as an adult who turned his children into objects of his own fantasies of success. The dispute related to the mortgage of 84 cents of property with an auditorium kalyana mandapam which the petitioner who filed the case before the adalat executed in favour of the defendant for Rs.45 lakhs for a period of two years. Though the period of mortgage was till July this year the petitioner sent a notice to the defendant expressing his willingness to redeem the mortgage even before the stipulated period. However realising that the defendant was trying to delay the redemption proceedings the petitioner approached the adalat on April 8 to settle the matter amicably. Ajmal Khan said there might not be any difficulty in transferring these petitions with the consent of the petitioners lawyers since the State Government was the defendant in most of them. Yet no Western leader or Arab one for that matter was prepared to say so or exert any pressure to have the defendant tried by an international court. In the United States the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right of every defendant in a criminal trial to be confronted with the witnesses against him.