defective meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
defective meaning in tamil is குறையுள்ள

defective meaning in tamil with example

defective tamil meaning and more example for defective will be given in tamil.
Even then the suggested design they insist is defective since it would not allow motorists coming from Dhaula Kuan side to take a right to Dwarka. Absence of metering for a high number of water connections and defective meters are making collection of user charge difficult. Charles Umapthy who was recently trapped by officials of ACB and could not be released from Central Prison on Monday due to a defective surety was released on Tuesday. This will eliminate the necessity for digging up the roads for rectifying defective water pipelines to individual houses. B. The pumped water from the tank has to be supplied to the overhead tank but the pipeline was found to be defective and are being replaced. On receipt of notice from the forum the dealer contended that it supplied certified sunflower seeds in sealed bags to the complainants and there was no possibility of defective seeds. In that play that savage indictment of wartime profiteering Millers antihero is Joe Keller a businessman who knowingly dispatches defective airplane parts to the very front on which his son is stationed. In many cases the department has been forced to incur wasteful expenditure on account of defective investigation dormant investigation divisions idle manpower and overstating of expenditure. The adalat will begin at 10 a.m. Complaints against defective bills wrong meter readings replacement of meters release of new services damages poles voltage problems and interruption in power supply will be attended during the programme.