defect meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
defect meaning in tamil is தவறு, பற்றாக்குறை

defect meaning in tamil with example

defect tamil meaning and more example for defect will be given in tamil.
As the defect was positioned in the deep posterior wall of the right frontal sinus a piece of cartilage was harvested from the ear and used to close the leak. According to sources a chartered aircraft of Deccan Aviation with nine passengers and two crew of an oil company left Mumbai around 9 a.m. After few minutes of takeoff the pilot spotted some technical defect and within no time the tyres of the craft were burnt. The college will highlight any defect in the works in a report to be submitted to the district administration. Saraswat said innovation would play a vital role for future systems which would be required to have zero defect and least manual inspection. He also did not agree with those who attributed the decay in the film and TV fields to the effect of time and said that the defect lay not in time but in our own mindset meaning both the producers and viewers. The steering wheel of the bus got detached following a mechanical defect and the driver lost control over the vehicle at Kanagatlapalem village on the outskirts of the town resulting in the bus tilting into the canal that had only two feet deep water. The militarys fleet of 46 Dhruv helicopters was grounded after a civilian variant ordered by a state government crashed on November 25 due to a defect in tail rotors. In the case of a leakage however a defect report mentioning the leakage point will be issued to the operator who would then be able to bring the vehicle for rechecking after attending to the defect.