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Indias only hope lies in winkling England out cheaply and its paramount every chance is taken to build momentum and get the crowd involved it will be interesting to see how long England bat on and how much time it deems sufficient to bowl India out. The committee will have the overriding power and responsibility for overseeing and coordinating the Games and its chairman will have the power to call for such information as he deems fit. Both Collins and Taylor could play if the home side deems Chris Gayles flat offspin a worthy slowbowling option. Singhs memorandum to him under Article 324 he would make appropriate recommendations to the President after such enquiry as he deems necessary and called for in the matter said Mr. That the Opposition deems it fit to boycott the House instead of sorting out issues inside Parliament is unfortunate. The AA can confirm modify or set aside the order appealed against impose any penalty or set aside reduce or enhance the penalty imposed remit the case to QRB BD or DC for further enquiry or pass any such other order as it deems fit. It is a prelude to a policy that deems there is one dominant culture one unique set of values one nativist loyalty 151 a policy of assimilation. The umpire is well within the rules of the game to call back someone if he deems fit and I think he got it right he added. The painting contest will begin at 9 a.m. and the preliminary rounds of quiz at 11.30 a.m. In India quiz each school is free to enter as many teams as it deems fit but each team should have only two members.