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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dedication meaning in tamil is ஆழ்ந்த ஈடுபாடு

dedication meaning in tamil with example

dedication tamil meaning and more example for dedication will be given in tamil.
Kodela called upon officials and peoples representatives to work with dedication and ensure that Kalachakra became a memorable event. The earlier record 151 now a poor second 151 came when Aishwarya Rai fractured her small toe and was airdashed from Nashik to a Mumbai hospital. This time it was dedication beyond the call of duty. The dedication service of the children selected for evangelistic work will be solemnised at 9 a.m. on Saturday. This required hard work commitment and dedication by the village panchayats he added while emphasizing the need of establishing an institutional mechanism for proper monitoring and maintenance of the infrastructure. You appoint an ombudsman because you want your news organisation to be an honest selfcorrecting institution with a dedication to getting it right and no interest in getting it wrong he said. II rated 60 to 90 Star Hopeful Razeen Hablitzia 51.5 P.S.Chouhan 1 Aspinalls 57 C.Alford 2 Dedication 58.5 M.Narredu 3 and Aerosat 52.5 Ruzaan 4. Referring to the notable work under taken by the SBT the Chief Minister said the dedication of the trust would be a role model for his State. In his keynote address S.P. Thyagarajan ViceChancellor Madras University said the initiative was as much a partnership of an educational institution and a fieldlevel organisation as a coming together of talent dedication and commitment. The Gita elaborates Karma yoga as performance of ones duties action as dedication to the Lord and receiving the result as His grace.