dedicate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dedicate meaning in tamil is அர்ப்பணி

dedicate meaning in tamil with example

dedicate tamil meaning and more example for dedicate will be given in tamil.
Reddy said that he would be launching the first rubber dam in Asia Jhanjavathi Jaladhara and dedicate it to the nation on Sunday. Maruti Udyog Limited will dedicate a special section for Simulators Test at the Auto Expo opening here on January 12. Raja called upon students to dedicate themselves to the cause of defeating the designs of the Sangh Parivar to divide people on communal lines in the name of Hindutva. Education should be treated as a fundamental right. They committee decided to dedicate more than 40 arches coming up in the city for the event to the memory of national leaders and an almost equal number of islands in the city to the memory of prominent State Congress leaders. Commending their determination to dedicate life to the welfare of the people he said that they strove hard to establish a violencefree society. Hence I wanted to make the most of it and dedicate two years to it. Karans internship with a Fortune 500 company during the MBA course led to a job offer after graduation. This is a recognition bestowed on the entire Telugu film industry and I dedicate this to my fans he said elated. Rajendra Prasad has called upon the people of India to dedicate themselves once again to the great cause of establishing a welfare State in the country. Cine Star Suriya will dedicate 100 free operations at Tiruchi on January 28 to mark the celebrations of the hospitals achievement of over one lakh eye surgeries he added. Addressing a public meeting the Chief Minister reminded the local politicians to become social workers and dedicate themselves to the service of the poor.